A world leading digital technology designer and manufacturer, MiTAC is behind MiTAC Solutions which includes our Fleet, Navman Automotive and MiTAC Ruggedised Mobile Computing offerings that meet the highest of standards. We believe we have identified a gap in the market and are offering versatile and customisable solutions that are customer-centric and supported by our local sales and service teams.

Find below links to our Fleet, Ruggedised Mobile Computing and Automotive Solutions to gain more insight into our offerings.


Navman Automotive

Navman are synonymous with GPS and Digital Drive Recorders also known as Dash Cameras. MiTAC is one of the largest producers of Dash Camera products globally, with one brand being the Navman MiVUE range, the brand is supported by a giant in the industry and as such the quality and reliability of the Navman MiVUE range is second to none. The products are sleek and unobtrusive fitting neatly at the top of the windscreen or out of sight behind the rear view mirror. Auto grade, filming in Full HD with a 6 glass lens the footage captured is crisp and clear any time of the day or night.


The MioWORK series has been developed in close collaboration with Global Leaders in the Fleet Management, Logistic, Field Services, Healthcare, Retail industries to ensure that every aspect, from tablet to accessory designs meet the highest standards and usage requirements set by the industry. The MioWORK series offers the perfect solution to replace traditional ways of working – paperwork or WinCE devices – allowing businesses to be more efficient in field, minimising double handling, and streamlining operations. The MioWORK series is enterprise grade and ISO 9001 certified, translating to low failure rate thus a valuable and reliable business partner in field. The MioWork series offers flexibility with dedicated technical project support and customisation which is not offered by other manufacturers.


Leveraging powerful GPS technology, MiTAC offers a range of customised Fleet Solutions to assist businesses to increase productivity minimising downtime and running cost, efficiently route to the required stops scheduled accordingly. In particular to Return to RouteTM, it includes features more advanced than any other route management tool: Locked on RouteTM Deviated Point NavigationTM Event-Driven Re-Routing; High Accuracy GPS; Real-Time Route Completion Monitoring; and Real-time Route Management. It intuitively navigates drivers along their pre-defined stop sequence, efficiently returning them to any deviated points to ensure that every stop is completed. Should drivers require a route change, all routes are loaded on the device. This routing management tool is optimized for designated route planning in complex urban canyon environments. When tested, vehicles equipped with Return to Route saw an astounding 91% in overall routing accuracy, as compared to 50% accuracy with regular GPS receivers without software optimisation.